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lynett (multi-kit)

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"musical representation of nature is may considered as a contemplative act that can become a gateway to a world of countless shades of human feelings and thoughts, which can only be found, it would seem, in one's own mind. But the most incredible thing about art of music is to have a possibility let others see the world the way you see it, to let others feel this world the way you feel it through melody, rhythms and sounds, because music is a language that the whole world can speak".

(с) Lynett

— the entire contents of this multi-kit stays in pure symbiosis with nature, creating that exceptional lively atmosphere, special plot, a way to convey this indefinite feeling with many shades deep inside. Each sound is woven from particles of the heart and soul of the world, embodying its most charming face of a life form.

Let your compositions became brightest and most alive. Create your own world and reveal its grace and majestic with unique sounds from "lynett" multi-kit.


  • 54 original one shots
  • 28 phrases
  • 21 percloops (+hits)
  • 16 drumloops
  • 67 harmonics and textures
  • 15 ambient and vinyl noises
  • (bonus) 12 samples composed by me and friends

248 .wav in total


You will get a ZIP (312MB) file