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cyclery (multi-kit)

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CYCLERY by vagosrose.

— cyclery is a multi-kit that immerses you in a mystical journey through different stages of life's path. // each sound acts as a mysterious milestone, opening a portal to unique experiences and emotions. // as the journey progresses, the sounds become richer and more intense, guiding you through enigmatic and complex phases of self-discovery. // in the middle of the journey, the music takes on epic and transcendent tones, conveying moments of revelation and deep connection with the world. // the concluding tracks envelop you in an atmosphere of serene mysticism, completing the cycle with a sense of wholeness and spiritual enlightenment.

— textures, phrases, accents and soundscapes created using manual synthesis with melodic structure generation developed by me. // processed with analogue pedals, all sounds fit together perfectly. // vocals created by professional vocalists specifically for this pack. 

— welcome to the world of cyclery, where each sound is selected using a special technique and refers to mystical motives.


  • original samples (+stems)
  • phrases
  • soundscapes
  • textures and accents
  • midi files
  • vocals
  • percloops

327 .wav in total